Seth – Sociedade de Empreitadas e Trabalhos Hidráulicos was founded in 1933 by Danish company Højgaard & Schultz a/s, which decided to establish itself in Portugal after the construction of the Port of Setúbal.

In 2001, Højgaard & Schultz merged with Monberg & Thorsen, also founded in 1918, to become MTHøjgaard. In 2021, MTHøjgaard was divided into three separate concerns, including Seth’s majority shareholder, MTHøjgaard International, a company fully owned by MTHøjgaard Holding and listed in the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. The full share capital of Seth is owned by MTHøjgaard International and a Portuguese shareholder. Over its 90 years of history, Seth has successfully completed numerous building and infrastructure construction projects in Portugal and several African countries.

Having positioned itself as an innovative enterprise, Seth was awarded a contract to build the Marechal Carmona Bridge, in Vila Franca de Xira, in 1947. This was Seth’s first big project, based on an alternative construction solution developed and proposed by the company. Innovation remains the image of Seth, which spares no effort to develop new solutions, focusing on collaboration to adapt them to its clients’ projects and expectations.

Seth has developed a wide range of projects and continues to operate in Portugal (including the Azores and Madeira), Angola, Algeria, Bermuda, Cape Verde, Gibraltar, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iceland and Mozambique.

Company - Seth Portugal


Bairro da Coop, Rua B, nº153
Maputo - Mozambique

Avenida Lurdes Mutola, n.º485
Machava Sede
Maputo - Mozambique


Morro Bento
Estrada de Samba a Direita
Condomínio de Belas, Casa nº 3
Luanda - Angola


Avenida Tomás Ribeiro, 145
2790-467 Queijas

Central Yard
Rua da Ponte, 2
2950-422 Palmela

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Responsibility, respect and commitment is a Nordic influence of our origin. Challenge and innovation are for us the incentives to build the future, we imagine solutions to fulfill our customers’ ambitions. Get to know us a little better through our institutional video.